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501C3 Recognition For Your Organization  

Setting up a Non-profit Business
Do you have a great idea that will improve your community? Is your ministry expanding? Perhaps you would like to help youth in transition or feed and clothe the homeless? Do you have a background in education and desire to set up an after school program or tutoring services? Are you having a mid-life crisis and in need of a career change that will make a difference? Or do you work in the community providing needed services but cannot solicit funding or apply for grants? Starting a business under a 501C3 may be the remedy for funding, stagnation, or the ministry that is "stirring" within.

For over 15 years, Editorial Solutions Publishing has worked in the development of community-based organizations through community-based work and in the preparation of 1023 forms for the initiation of IRS (501C3) recognition with 100% accuracy and turn around...no denials.


ESP offers a package deal on 501C3 preparation. We will:

  • Prepare the 1023 document
  • Apply for EIN Number/Incorporation
  • Assist with Bylaws
  • Research the region based on the statistical data available in the community in which you plan to implement your program (includes assessment/outcomes) 
  • Develop a business proposal for grant RFP's (response for grants)
  • Fundraising or first grant

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in the development of your idea and deliver your documents in a timely, professional, manner. Most important, as our motto indicates, at ESP - we know what to write!

Let us take the worry out of the preparation of papers, and the organization of your business. We are committed to laying a solid foundation.