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SEX And The Saints©  
Now I’ve been around the church long enough to know the saints are having sex. In marriage, out of marriage, teenagers, grown folks, and old folks. I could tell you many a story that was told to me, or stories that I witnessed first-hand, but I can’t tell nobody’s story the way I can tell my own.
You see, I too am a saint, and like many other saints I have had sex in marriage, and unfortunately, but thank God for the Blood…out of marriage. Now I know that I’m going to ruffle some feathers and turn some collars, but the truth about our little indiscretions shall set us free.
Many saints would like to exist in a place way beyond the blue while still on earth, and make believe that we are only participating in sexual relations within the confines of holy matrimony. To those faithful few this book will probably seem over the top and salacious. For the rest of us who find it familiar and salacious…much prayer and fasting is needed.
Of course I’ll tone down the graphic stuff. I want this book to be qualified as a religious handbook, NOT an Adult handbook. But let’s be realistic. If I’m too descriptive, the perception will be that I’m encouraging the sinful side of sex. If I don’t tell enough of the truth, people will say the book was watered down and ineffective. The stories will be told from the authors' perspective so that we all get a true sense of their struggles and pain on the path to victorious and abundant life.
Enjoy...and watch ye saints with eyelids wakening for the release!
-ESP Publishing